Those with Administrator privileges in Aeries Communications have Dashboard access. An Aeries Admin determines Administrator roles and school affiliations within Aeries Security set-up. 

  • District Admins have access to all district members and all district reporting data. He/she can send district-wide announcements.
  • School Admins have access to site members and site reporting data. He/she can send school-wide announcements. 

This video takes a quick tour around Communications - you will find that creating an announcement has been enhanced since this video was created, but the rest of the overview is spot-on if you need a quick review:

Training Playlist - Admins

Administrator Walkthrough (Printable PDF)

Administrators will access Communications through single sign-on through the Aeries Administrator Portal:

Do you need access outside of Aeries? See: Accessing Signal Kit/Communications Outside of the Aeries Portal

As of 7/29/2019, any new member who receives their first SMS/Text notification from a district, school, class or group (or current member who re-enables SMS notification preferences) will also receive automated instructions on how to opt-out (STOP), display the instructions again (HELP), and opt back in for SMS/Text notifications (START). This process follows industry standards.