The app has generated machine-translated versions of your English text for the languages required by this class or group. You may edit or replace this content to customize your text translation for each language.

Please attempt to avoid compound sentence structure, slang, and colloquialisms for best results with machine translation.

  1. Click on each language to preview the automatically generated Email or SMS text translation.
    Note: If None of your selected recipients receive announcements in a language other than English, no alternate language options will appear.

    To improve delivery time and the overall experience, the SMS defaults to include a link to the single item feed or you can customize each SMS message (capping at 160 characters). If you choose to customize AND include a link, we reserve 60 characters for the link. If you deselect the link option, you will have access to the full 160 characters but no link to the feed version.
  2. Make any desired changes to the auto-generated translations. A notification bubble appears when edits have been made to a translation.
  3. If you make a mistake, select “Revert to Original".
  4. When desired translation changes are complete, click the down arrow in the upper right corner.

*The district can elect to append translated emails with English content. If this was not an option during implementation, the District Admin can send a request to

*If a particular language is not supported or if the machine translation is unsatisfactory, districts can elect to send English versions for select languages instead of relying on machine-translation. Announcement creators will still have the opportunity to record, share or update human translations, but it will default to English unless overridden by the message creator. If this was not an option during implementation, the District Admin can send a request to

See also: What Languages are Supported?