The Student Groups feature in Aeries is a powerful tool to manage, organize and target groups of students in Aeries. These groups can be shared amongst staff members given access, allowing them to have visibility over students they wouldn’t normally have access to. Student Groups can either be a Static List of students, a Dynamic Analytics Group using Aeries Analytics, or a Dynamic Database-driven Group using queries and/or stored procedures. For more information related to creating and managing Student Groups, check out the Aeries Student Groups support articles that can be found in the Aeries Support Knowledge Base.

As a reminder: any update in Aeries will require a sync before the data populates in Communications. Those with District Admin permissions can manually request a sync within the Communications Dashboard - Aeries Integration. The Aeries Student Group takes about 15 minutes to be accessible to send an announcement after a sync. 

1. To utilize Student Groups in Aeries Communications, they must first be enabled on the API Security page in Aeries

2. Make Student Group available in Aeries Communications

To make a Student Group available in Aeries Communications as a Private Group, the Communications box must be checked followed by a data synchronization which can be manually requested within Dashboard - Aeries Integration. Communications also automatically syncs twice daily with Aeries so the group could be visible in Aeries Communications the following day. 

  • Please ensure that each Student Group name is unique - No duplicate Group Names
  • Group memberships will automatically update after every sync
  • The Group will display in the left-navigation of a member’s feed

If you have not already done so, add the students to the group.

3. Associate staff members with Student Groups

Student Groups in Aeries Communications are automatically "owned" by the staff member that creates them. But in cases where a school or school district would like other staff members to be able to communicate with the groups' members in Aeries Communications, they must first be associated with that group in Aeries. To accomplish this, simply utilize the webform found under the Associated Staff Members tab. Once the tab has been selected, click on the Add Staff button to open the Add Staff bar where you can enter a staff ID. You can click on the Search Icon to access the search window where you can quickly locate available staff members. 

  • Staff members associated with the Student Group in Aeries will become "Owners" of the group and will be able to send announcements and DMs to members

4. Once the Student Group has been synchronized, it will be available for use throughout Aeries Communications

School and District Admins have access to all Groups in the Dashboard and have the ability to send announcements to any Group within his/her purview.