This article mirrors the Aeries Solutions article: Troubleshooting Aeries Communications

* The Communications link does not appear for anyone, what should I do?

Verify that Aeries Communications is enabled with valid Keys entered on the School Options form (These codes will be provided to you by Aeries Support);

* The Communications link does not appear for a Staff Member, what should I do?

If the problem is affecting a single Staff Member, verify that the User Account in question has a valid Staff ID.

    *A User Account must have a valid Staff ID (UGN.SID) assigned to access Aeries Communications. 

A "valid Staff ID" will have an Active Staff Record (STF.TG = ' ') with a Notification Preference of "General and Emergency Announcements" (STF.NP = '1').

Staff members will receive messages at the Email Address (STF.EM) and the Mobile Phone number (STF.CP) stored in the Staff Record.

    --Please note the Staff Mobile Phone field (STF.CP) is the only staff telephone number used with Aeries Communications. Staff Telephone Field (STF.TL) is not used at this time.

Verify that the User Account has permissions to Aeries Communications either through Group Membership or Permissions Granted;

Teacher, Parent and Student Access will be granted through Portal Group Security;

* The Communications link does not appear for a Parent User, what should I do?

If the Communications link is not appearing for all parents, verify the Communications System Access permission has been granted to the Parent Portal Group as seen in the screenshot above.

If the problem is affecting a singular parent account, verify the Portal Account email address is linked to a valid Contact record. A Valid Contact record will contain the Contact's First Name (CON.FN) and Last Name (CON.LN), the General and Emergency Notification Preference (CON.NP = 1), and at least one communication modality (e.g. Telephone Number (CON.TL), Mobile Phone Number (CON.CP), and/or Email address (CON.EM))

Ensure that the Email address in question has matching Contact information on all associated Contact Records. You can use Data Validations to help manage this Contact data. Please read our Support Article about Data Validations for further information.