We've come up with a few common scenarios to ensure your announcement is delivered to the appropriate members. Filtering options:

  • Grades
    • The Grade filter will include the students and parents of the selected grade(s) from the recipient group only. You can refine this in a later step.
      Please note: this filter does not include any teachers or staff because we do not pull grade level data for teachers/staff.
  • Genders
    • The Gender filter will apply to students only, as pulled from the student record.
  • Roles
    • Admin -members with Admin permissions for a school or district
    • Staff - members with staff ids but do not have teacher ids
    • Teacher - members with staff ids and teacher ids
    • Guardian - includes all contacts associated with students as indicated from the contact record in Aeries. This includes guardian contacts by default and in some cases, Emergency contacts. Emergency contacts will only be included if anEmergency or Urgent announcements were selected during the customization step.
    • Student - active students pulled from Aeries student records
  • Languages
    • Selecting the Language filter will select all users matching the language preference from the correspondence language field n Aeries. Note: All available language options are listed, although not all will apply to your specific recipient group
  • Language Fluency (optional)
    • Selecting the Language Fluency will return users who match one of the Aeries LangFlu values found in the Code table configured in Aeries.


  • Individual Users - this option stands alone and should not be used in conjunction with the above filters. Here, you can select yourself to receive a test announcement or select as many individual recipients as you wish and only these individuals selected will receive the message.

Scenario 1: I need to send to Parents at my school/district.

Two options: 

  1. Select the School/District and filter to the guardian role.  
  2. Select the pre-created parent group for your school and/or district (staff groups include Admins, Teachers, and Staff unless filtered otherwise).

Scenario 2: I need to send to Staff and Parents at a 1 or multiple schools.

To do this:

  1. Select the School or District and filter to the guardians role and any associated grade levels (in this case, I chose 9th, 10th, and 11th grade and then selected guardians within the role filter).
  2. Add the School-specific or district staff private group. This will include staff, teachers, and Admins. If you only want/need a couple of these roles, please filter by role (Remember: staff and teachers are filtered separately. Teachers have staff ids and teacher ids, whereas staff only have staff ids). 

Scenario 3: I need to send a one-way message to a few parents and/or students. Common examples: Saturday School, Reminder, Attendance prompt, etc.

To do this:

  1. Select any group the student might belong (could be an Aeries Student Group, School, District, Class, etc.).
  2. Choose the individual(s) that you'd like to receive the announcement. This is also a great method to send yourself a test announcement before sending to your select group.